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Average American Eating



How does your diet compare to the average American?  (source: )

1. Soda: 44 gallons/year
2.  Hamburgers: 156 burgers/year
3. French Fries: 29 pounds/year
4. Hot Dogs: 21/summer
5. Chicken McNuggets: 15/year
6. Bacon: 18 pounds/year
7. Donuts: 63/year
8. Potato Chips: 4 pounds/year
9. Oreos: 22/year
10. Ice Cream: 47 pints/year
11. Pizza: 46 slices/year

Like most measures, I am above average in some areas and below in others!  It’s been a little over a year since giving up soda on my way to a 40 pound weight loss (in this post) – so I am way under the average on that.  My worst area is pizza.  I can eat 46 slices in a month! … Perhaps I am eating smaller pieces than average?

How about you?