A Foolproof Path to Mindful Eating



There is quite an industry around the art of eating mindfully.

There are books and websites and tapes.  They tout the benefits for health and wellness, weight loss, and spirit.  A Google search for “mindful eating” provides almost 700,000 hits.

In general, they give advice on how to:
Eat Slowly
Concentrate on each bite
Concentrate on taste
Eat silently
Shift out of autopilot eating
Pay attention to the sensations the food is providing you
although each book, site, or guru puts a slightly different spin on it.

But I have never seen the tip I am about to share with you for mindful eating.  It’s healthy, automatic, and has never failed to provide me with the benefits listed in bold above.

Tip: Add one or two diced habanero peppers to your dish.  

I have used this with great success in my lentil soup experiments.  Mindful eating guaranteed.

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