Who Drives a Used Car?



Everyone drives a used car!

Some  people buy a new car.  Some people buy a used car.  If you buy a new car you pay more than if you buy the same car used.  But when you buy it, it becomes a used car the instant that paperwork is signed.

That new car smell is just the volatile plasticizers from the interior polymers hitting your nose.  Yes, that nice smell (probably poisonous) – is only an impurity from the manufacturing process.

Oh, wait.  I looked it up for you.  That smell is indeed toxic: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-504763_162-57378591-10391704/new-car-smell-is-toxic-study-says-which-cars-are-worst/ .  The research found that more than 275 chemicals were airborne in a new car.  The health risks were linked to problems with the liver, thyroid, testes, ovaries, kidneys, and blood.

Honestly, new cars should be sold at a discount since they are swimming in a toxic cloud for any unlucky passengers or driver.  Ironically, people are willing to pay extra to have the opportunity to deeply inhale this cloud.

Luckily, the Independent Penguin always seeks a good used car value if he needs a car.

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